What is Technical Literacy?

Technical Literacy is the study of programming and technology. Having this knowledge is highly valuable as the skills are transferable to every industry.

What is Tech Literacy?

Tech Literacy is how well you are with using computers and other programming software. Programming is the action of giving instructions to a computer or application. So to think about it better, tech literacy measures the power you have to command machines.

Is it hard to learn?

When you first learn program it’ll feel like your brain is on a bicycle. Every little new thing you learn sticks with you and builds up. You then develop a strong foundation of understanding and from there you go to learn other languages. If you like to learn then this is a fun and valuable skill that really pays off. Your imagination is the limit when you know understand how to code.

Here’s how I’d do it if I had to start all over again:

Technical Literacy Plan

I’ve broken it down by levels of complexity.

Level 1: The Fundamentals

Level 2: Soft skills to help you navigate and stay organized.

Level 3: Programming with Python (The Best Language to Start With)

Level 4: Other software that build upon what you learn with Python.

I create content around all of these topics, check out my YouTube channel.


Why should I bother Technical Literacy?

You are literally surrounded by technology. It’s the reason you’re able to read this post. Understanding how it functions will equip you with a new lens to view the world. You learn to use it instead of letting it use you (more on this in a later post) You also add a disgusting amount of value to yourself as the world continues to become more technological. I’m able to work from home mainly because my job revolves around technology.

Tech skills are growing in exponential demand it’d actually be CRAZY to not even try to learn. When you learn any ounce of Tech Literacy it sticks with you and can be applied to any job industry. Workers are already being replaced by tech as companies develop better AI (Artificial Intelligence) and do massive layoffs. 

If you can’t beat the machines join them.

About Me

Hi, I’m a Walking Asset

This is a term I made up that describes someone who aims to add value to their surroundings in every way possible.

My mission is simple

  1. Teach you about money
  2. Teach you about technology
  3. Teach you about self improvement

These core components will turn you into a Walking Asset.

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