Leadership Potential

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I coach executives to do the hard personal work to re-invent, challenge, and create new ways of looking at and working in this dynamic world. People I have worked with describe me as energizing, strategic, intuitive, direct and, sometimes, unconventional.


I’ve been fortunate to have a long and challenging career at cutting-edge healthcare company, from a first line sales leader to Director of Talent Management and Leadership Development to an Executive Coach. After retiring from that company in 2020, I started The Leadership Space to work with executive leaders who want to transform themselves, their teams, their organizations, and society for the better.

I love working with complexity. Looking at it from different perspectives, understanding the why behind the what, and finding out what needs to change. Then, put plans in place to get results. As I collaborate with clients, we explore, learn, and create new possibilities.

With you, I will make sure we’re addressing the right problem, listen intently, bring in eternal perspectives, and coach you to think about whatever is important to you—your fears, your hopes, your dreams, and, most importantly, the future you want to create.


Why Choose Us


Coached hundreds of leaders from across different business functions from across the globe to support their leadership development journey


Successfully performed in the commercial business as a sales representative, first and second line leader, in complex, mature managed care markets


Led a team to design and deliver high impact leadership development programs for aspiring first line leaders to senior executives


Gained insights about how a large organization operates from various staff positions such as chief of staff for VP of Sales, business operations, and training and development

Our Services

Executive Coaching

We work with executives and diverse leaders to discover and develop untapped talent. Our collaborative approach will enhance your performance while accelerating your development.
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Leader and Team Coaching

We work with leaders and their teams to go from good to great. We help teams learn new ways to communicate and engage with each other to create high performance team cultures.
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Group Coaching

We work with groups of diverse leaders who are high potential. We work with you and your leaders to customize a learning experience that brings out the best of everyone.
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Leading Transformational Chane

We work with leaders who know that change doesn’t just happen. We help leaders, teams, and organizations plan and execute transformational change that lasts.
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Our Impact

Our Clients Learn:


  1. To trust themselves.

  2. To show up as their true authentic self and feel good about that.

  3. What their purpose is and how to align it to what they do everyday.

  4. How to engage others in effective conversations.

  5. How to see the strengths in others-and tap into those-to achieve results.

  6. How to influence others, teams, the organization.