How to Start Coding

When I started my coding journey I remember feeling overwhelmed and confused with all of the information. I didn't know where to start or how to approach learning. If I were to start over here's what I'd do:

Learning how to code was made more difficult than it had to be. The hardest part for me starting out was believing that I could do it. Get rid of the belief that you need to be a genius in order to code because you don’t. When you understand the basic language of coding the possibilities are endless.

When you understand the basics it just becomes a game of asking the right questions to get things to work the way you want them to. The more you practice the better you become at finding the answer you’re looking for.

How to Start:

Learn Python! It’s like the english of the coding languages (common & transferable). Python will give you the confidence to learn new languages.


  1. Book: How to Automate the Boring Stuff
  2.  Udemy Course: Python Programming Master Class

It’s that simple (the learning path not the content). 

Consistently go through these (1-3 hours a day) and you’ll be in solid shape to expand to other languages. You don’t have to master all the content either, when learning your goal should be to understand programming as a language and how it’s utilized. Don’t go in trying to memorize all these crazy formulas and lines of code. Focus on the chapter headlines and concepts to absorb the main idea.

Python is Your English

When you don’t understand something you ask google a question.

In the world of programming the same applies:

When you don’t understand something you paste the error code into google

The results from that search is what Python prepares you to understand. It’s a meta language, most of the other ones use a variation of it but the main point is: it is the most commonly used language and will help you solve the most common problems. It literally is used EVERYWHERE!

You don’t have to master python, you could learn it and then go to learn an advanced software tool that functions with it. As you gain experience you will easily become a highly valuable resource to any company. This will make sense the more you get involved with programming, the important thing is to just start and stick with it.

Learning how to program has many benefits here are some of my favorites:

  1. Challenges you to think outside the box
  2.  Work from home luxury laptop lifestyle
  3. You gain confidence in solving problems
  4. The knowledge stacks and compounds (HACK)
  5. Your value scales along with your experience in the industry

It doesn’t matter who you are, this is a skill that will add some spice to your life whether you’re looking for a challenge, more money, friends, power, whatever you want. Coding is the bridge between technology and your thoughts which link to reality. It is such an integral part of our society today yet so few know the skill. Start your coding journey and make life for your future self  100x easier.

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My mission is simple

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  3. Teach you about self improvement

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