Creator vs. Consumers: The Flow of Money

Creators create, consumers consume. We are all raised to consume but all have the potential to create.

If you want to build a better relationship with money you need to understand the differences between creators and consumers.

Consumers are people who:

  1. Buy things
  2. Watch things on TV
  3. Trade money for a service

Most of us are consumers, we’re raised that way. The habit to buy things is drilled into you at an early age. Creativity is not nearly encouraged or respected as much as it should be. By the time most of us grow up we’re embarrassed to be our creative true selves because we care way too much what other people think of us. We’ve lost all creative motivation by then and so, we settle on consuming what other people create instead.

Creators are people who:

  1. Make things
  2. Create the content you see on TV
  3. Trade their valuable skills for money

Not everyone is creative, but everyone can create something. You must make an active effort to create more than you consume. Money flows from the pockets of consumers to creators so it only makes since to try and create something.

This benefits you:

  1. Distracts you from consuming
  2. Teaches you a valuable skill
  3. Teaches you to solve problems
  4. Puts you on the receiving end of the money flow

Making money is simple. All you gotta do is become good at solving other people’s problems. If you had a deadly virus right now how much would you pay a doctor for the last vaccine? Pain motivates people to reach for their wallets. The greater the problems you’re able to solve the more money you’ll be able to make. The first step is to adopt the creator mindset and step away from the consumer mindset.

Stop watching reality TV, stop following news accounts on social media, focus on things you want to learn to create and consume those things instead. There’s mindless consumption and then there’s active consumption, tailor what you consume to feed what you create.

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